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Fic: Class Reunion

 Class Reunion
By PaBurke
Summary: Peter runs into an old FBI Instructor.
Rating: Kid-friendly
Disclaimer: Not mine
Word Count: 700

It had been a while since Peter had seen his old instructor. She had aged gracefully, but there were more lines on her face. She had a little grey mixed in with her blonde hair; she wasn’t the type to dye it. Her slight lisp had virtually disappeared. Neal was trying to flirt because charm was the only way he knew how to communicate. He was completely unsuccessful. Peter knew that Neal didn’t have a clue as to the agent’s role. Peter sat at her borrowed desk and calmly patted her dog, Rupert. Like her previous dog, he was a friendly, Golden Retriever with an FBI badge. Peter waited and grinned. She looked at him several times as if to ask if Neal Caffery was for real. She really did have an expressive face that could communicate so clearly.

Peter simply shrugged in response. He hadn’t expected to run into this particular FBI agent today and in New York City; she had moved back to an Ohio office to be closer to her folks and the rest of her time was spent in DC and Quantico. After he shooed Neal away, he would ask about changes in her life. He would ask her to join him and Elle for dinner. It would be like old times.

“So how do you know Peter?” Neal finally asked.

“He was my student,” she admitted.

“Oh?” Neal perked up at the possible blackmail material.

“Yes, one of my best. He practiced more than many and was most diligent. It paid off.”

“I always knew you were teacher’s pet,” Neal said.

She deliberately misunderstood him. “Oh, no. Rupert is my pet. Not Peter.”

Neal paused. “What do you teach?”

“Lip reading.”

Neal paused again and Sue Thomas smiled, just daring him to ask the blunt question. Neal looked to Peter for a hint, but Peter had let him dig this hole. “Are you… hard of hearing?”

“No. I am deaf.”

Neal was a successful con artist because he could roll with the punches, he didn’t disappoint. “Would you teach me how to lip-read?”

“Are you allowed on the Quantico campus?” She asked back.

Neal looked at Peter hopefully.

“Not a chance,” Peter told him. “There isn’t a single agent who would consider that a good idea.”

Neal offered a different option. “Private tutoring? I’m sure I can make it worth your while.”

Sue shook her head. “I am not often in the Big Apple and I understand you have a shorter leash than Rupert.”

Peter chuckled mightily at that. Neal pouted. “She’s got you figured out,” Peter crowed.

“And you’re not being very nice,” Sue chided him.

Peter held up his hands in surrender. Sue had a way of making you feel like you were in your elementary school principle’s office. “Nope, but I have to spend all day with him. It’s nice to see a woman who harasses him.”

“Hmmm.” Sue was not convinced.

“Are you doing anything for dinner?” Peter changed the subject. “Elle would have my head if she found out that you were in town and I didn’t invite you home.”

“Thank you, but I have other plans. Perhaps next time.”

Neal stepped up. He motioned to his mouth with his thumb and his three lesser fingers, his index finger pointed up. Then he tapped the fingers of both fists together and toward himself. Finally he rubbed his chest with his flat hand.

Peter was impressed. Though the class had been in lip-reading, the students couldn’t help but to gain a few words of sign language. It made sense that Neal knew those signs.

Sue smiled –with all the attributes that age had dimmed, her bright smile was not among them. “No, thank you. I really do have plans for the night. It was nice to meet you Mr. Caffery.”

“Please call me Neal,” the conman insisted.

“Neal,” she corrected herself. “Peter,” she smiled at him. “Always a pleasure. Please give Elle my regards.”

“Will do.”

“’Til next time,” she told them. “Come Rupert,” she called the dog. The Golden Retriever stayed right on her heels as she left the room.

“Quite a woman,” Neal said.

“Yes,” Peter agreed. “She is.”