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Fic: Temporary Help

 Temporary Help
By PaBurke
Summary: They’re out of a job (while they are staying out of DC) and Jack can always use some extra hands.
Rating: Kid friendly
Disclaimer: No one belongs to me and I don’t make any money

The couple who walked into the sheriff’s office mid-Monday morning couldn’t have appeared to be more different. The guy was average, only a little pudgy and was dressed in a sedate suit. The girl was totally different: Tall (though the 6-in platform boots helped perpetuate the illusion) and with a style that Zoë would love. She was dressed as a Goth with dyed black hair and a dog collar around her neck and a short school girl skirt. She was bouncing and chatting and putting away a black lace umbrella all at once.

Jack’s jaw had probably dropped, but from the friendly grin the guy sent his way, the reaction was normal. “Abby,” he said quietly.

The woman faced Jack and smiled widely. She handed the guy her umbrella and strode forward with her hand outstretched. “Hi. I’m Dr. Abigail Scuito, but you can call me Abby. This is Dr. McGee.”

“Special Agent Timothy McGee,” the guy corrected her. Jack shook his hand too.

“McGee,” she chided. “Everyone else is going by Doctor, so should you!”

McGee laughed. “You are the last one to advocate following the crowd.”

“True,” Abby conceded. “But I don’t want any one to give you flack when Gibbs, Ziva and Tony aren’t here to back you up.”

McGee laughed again. “Love the order you put them in.” Jack appreciated how light-hearted the two of them were. Unlike most of the residents around town, these two didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Abby was still considering McGee’s statement. In the end, she shrugged. “True, but what I said was true too.” She turned to Jack. “Aren’t you going to introduce yourself?”

“If you give him a moment, Abs,” McGee told her. There was a pause and both Doctors looked at him expectedly.

Jack smiled. “I’m the Sheriff, Jack Carter.”

“No PhD?” Abby asked bluntly.

“No. I’m exactly average… in the outside world.” Which wasn’t anywhere near average in Eureka.

“You must have a great gut,” Abby said.

Jack couldn’t help but to look down at his stomach-which he sucked in.

Abby laughed and continued. “I mean you have to have great instincts to keep up with everything and everyone that happens at GD and all the mishaps. We just met Dr. Blake and she wouldn’t let you stay sheriff if you weren’t doing your job well.”

Jack grinned at them. “Thanks. So you two just got hired on at GD?” he guessed.

“Yes,” McGee said as Abby said, “No.”

“We’re both temporary,” McGee explained.

“We’re here to see if any of GD’s discoveries or equipment can be used and sold in the real world of forensics. It’s to help GD stay in the black and to give us a first look at some pretty cool stuff.” Abby took her turn and she was bouncing with excitement at the idea.

“It’s also to keep us out of the way back home,” McGee muttered.

“Our boss is on trial for murder,” Abby told Jack. “And he didn’t want us around ‘helping’.”

“Murder?” Jack echoed.

“Long, long story,” Abby said. “But anyway. So, we both like solving crimes and came to volunteer our services, if you need anything. McGee is a real NCIS agent, that stands for…”

“Navy Criminal Investigator Service,” Jack filled in. “I’ve worked with them before.”

“Good… So? Will you call us?”

Jack thought about it. “I just might.” He scrambled around on his desk for a pen and paper. “If you’ll leave me your contact information, I’ll call if I think that you’ll be of use.”

“Great!” Abby exclaimed. Both she and McGee pull out a business card to hand Jack.

Jack accepted both and put them in a safe place in his desk. “You’ll find out that when it’s isn’t the end of the world, it’s rather quiet around here. But can I buy you both a coffee over at Café Diem?”

“That’d be great,” McGee enthused.

Abby looked sad. “I’m going to miss Caff-Pow.”

Jack grabbed his jacket and started for the door. “We’ll see if we can’t talk Vincent into stocking it for you.”

Abby, completely ignoring any social protocols, wrapped her arm around Jack’s. “I think we’re going to get along great, Sheriff Carter.”