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Fic: Local Talent


Local Talent
By PaBurke
Summary: Minorly related to ‘Occult Construction 101.’ All the research earns Bobby a paycheck.
Spoilers: Season 3 for Supernatural, Season 1 for Warehouse 13
Rating: child-friendly

“What am I doing again?” Pete looked from the battered pick-up truck to his boss again.

“All you have to do is go pick up some boxes to store artifacts.”

“Why don’t you make the boxes?”

“These are for the artifacts that don’t work in the neutralizing solution. I don’t have enough time for woodworking and all the research…” Artie shook his head. “It’s just easier to source it out. Thankfully, the talent is local. Same state in fact. It’s a nice drive. You’ll enjoy it.”

“Is that a fact?” Peter asked.

“Yes. Go to this GPS location and tell Bobby that you’re the new guy. You give him the cash and he’ll have enough boxes to fill the back of the pick-up. He’ll help you pack everything safely. Do what he tells you to do.”

“And if I don’t?” Pete taunted.

“Then you’ll be a dead idjit.”

“You’re not telling me everything.”


Pete shook his head. “I hate when you do that.” Pete finally smiled at him. “It’s not that bad. You’re just hazing me.”

Artie smiled, like a father whose son had said something brilliant. “Am I?” Artie encouraged Pete’s use of his ‘vibe.’

“Why cash?”

“Because the government doesn’t want any paper trail and doesn’t want to know where I get the boxes from and Bobby doesn’t want any paper trail and doesn’t want the government knowing anything about him.”

“So we’re the middleman.”



Pete pulled into the junkyard. The grey-bearded man was waiting amidst the demolished cars. Pete added the ‘Singer’s Garage’ to Artie’s cryptic clues. “Bobby Singer?” he assumed.

“You’re Artie’s new idjit.”

Pete grinned. “Yep. You have boxes for me?”

“Do you have cash?”

“More than the amount we retrieved from bank robber we caught.”

“Let’s have it.”

Peter handed over the wooden crate of money. Bobby didn’t even look inside.

“You’re not going to check?”

“If you skimmed some off the top, Artie will send you back to me for me to torture.” Now Bobby grinned and Pete had the good sense to be scared.

“I didn’t,” Pete promised.

“I know.” He motioned to the barn. “They’re all packed up. Use your young back and load them.”

“Yes, sir.” Pete couldn’t respond any other way.

Bobby glared at him. “You may be more than a regular idjit.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Pack the crates and get off of my property.”

“Yes, sir.” Pete might be a little twisted, but he was looking forward to the next time Artie sent him to ‘work with’ the local talent.