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Learning How to Fly, Mid-Way Station Snippet
By PaBurke
Summary: A side vignette of Learning How To Fly, events happen after that story
Rating: At least PG-13, questionable wartime ethics
Disclaimer: These characters so don’t belong to me. They don’t do what I want them to do, even when I’m writing them.
Universes: SGA (Season Two), SPN (Season One-ish), BtVS (Season Seven) cameo by special request


When John Sheppard had heard that there had been a Wraith incursion at the Mid-way station, he expected to also hear of casualties. The SGC merely told Atlantis that something had happened and that there were conflicting reports. Sheppard and his team were ordered to investigate. O’Neill had added an addendum, strongly suggesting that he take Winchester with the support team.

Sheppard debated whether or not to give the old Team 4 one last hurrah. He didn’t like having nearly every person who could make a Seal work in a dangerous situation, but the danger should be over. It wasn’t as if he would leave Teyla and Ronon behind. In the end, he decided that Staff Sergeant Ohlman could lead Winchester and Pacosky. Collins (the nurse) and Ash (the drunk) could make the Seal work on Atlantis if there was an emergency. Lorne threatened dire measures if Ash was left under his command for more than three days. John ignored that and concentrated on the more immediate threat.

Team 1 and Team 4 were suited up and ready to go within an hour after the orders were given. McKay double-checked all of the science experiments in the city and was the last one to arrive in the Gate room. John gave the order to dial the Mid-way Station and they stepped through.

Dr. Cavanaugh was waiting for them on the station. He immediately started ordering the SGA teams around. “Arrest them! Arrest them all for mutiny!”

Sheppard blinked. He looked at the hyper doctor, the stoic and alert Marines and then at the short, scruffy civilian up on the catwalk. “Who’s that?” he asked.

“That’s the ringleader!” Cavanaugh accused. “He’s the worst of them. He ordered the Marines to massacre the Wraith… after they surrendered.”

Teyla tilted her head. “Dr. Cavanaugh, you look… aged from the last time we spoke.”

John double-checked the annoying scientist and decided that Teyla had called it. “Cavanaugh… did you get too close to a Wraith?”

“They had surrendered,” he blustered. “And the Marines refused to step near the Seal and let the Wraith out to lead them to the brig.”

“It was an unlawful order,” the nearest Marine finally defended himself.

John found his gaze once again on the civilian. “Where does he fit in? And why is there another civilian on the Station to begin with?”

“My doing, sir,” Winchester murmured at his shoulder. “O’Neill asked for advice on someone who could create and maintain Seals and wouldn’t mind the isolation of the Station. Osbourne was the best candidate I could offer.”

“All righty then. Are all of the Wraith dead?” he asked.

“Yes,” Cavanaugh declared.

“Where are their bodies?” John continued. The last thing he wanted at this point in time was an almost-dead wraith waking up and causing problems.

“They ejected them into space!” Cavanaugh was horrified at the idea. “They wouldn’t keep any on the Station for study.”

John refrained from rolling his eyes. Ronon grunted his approval and John ignored that too. “Alright. Let’s separate everyone and get their stories. McKay and I will interview Cavanaugh. Teyla, Ronon and Ohlman debrief the Marines. Pacosky and Winchester, talk to Osbourne. Record everything and we’ll convene as soon as everyone is done.”


“So what the hell happened?” John asked. He knew that Cavanaugh had given them an extremely biased report. The scientist wanted all the other people on the Station arrested for war crimes, mutiny and treason.

Ohlman answered. “All of the Marines have the same story and it doesn’t feel rehearsed. At 0313 SGC time, the gate activated. Cavanaugh was off duty. The Marines followed protocol and tried to get an authorization code. No acceptable code was given, so they tried to block the gate. They were initially unsuccessful. The Marines took up positions to ambush the incoming invasion, but it turned out that the Wraith were all stuck in the Seal Osbourne had painted.”

“General O’Neill saves the day again,” Pacosky muttered.

John ignored the comment because it was absolutely true. The Wraith could not be allowed to control the Mid-Way Station under any circumstances. Humans would blow it up first. “What happened next?”

“The Wraith kept coming, until they were packed into the Seal and couldn’t move.” Ohlman hesitated. “This is where stories start to sound rehearsed. Cavanaugh woke up and ‘took command.’ He offered surrender to the Wraith. The Wraith accepted it. Then Cavanaugh told Osbourne to release the Wraith and to take them down to the cells one-by-one. Osbourne told Cavanaugh that the Seal didn’t work that way and that it was all or nothing. Any modification Osbourne could make to the Seal would release all of the Wraith at once.”

John held up a hand to pause the report and looked towards Winchester. “Absolutely true, sir,” Winchester confirmed.

“Recap,” John said. “Open Stargate, thirty-some wraith bunched together in the Seal and Cavanaugh had negotiated a surrender.”

“Osbourne had managed to close the Gate,” Teyla added. “With an unknown number of Wraith in the wormhole.”

“Osbourne did?” McKay echoed. “Not Cavanaugh? That was his job. That explains why he didn’t tell us that part.”

“I like him,” Ronon told Winchester.

Winchester grinned. “Wait until you hear the rest of the story.”

Ohlman, having probably the most unbiased report, continued. “For some reason, Cavanaugh got too close to the wraith, probably after he had ordered the Marines to get close and they refused. One of the wraith grabbed him and started feeding. Osbourne threatened them with a crossbow until they released Cavanaugh. The one wraith released the doctor and before another could grab him, Corporal Bird tackled him and the rest of the men opened fire. They didn’t stop until the last wraith stopped twitching. Then they got some meat hooks and threw them at the corpses. Osbourne told them that if the wraith was dead, they would be able to pull it out. So they used that as a litmus test. They pulled out one wraith at a time and took it directly out to be spaced. They emptied the Seal that way.”

“They didn’t have a problem killing unarmed, sentient creatures?” McKay asked.

“They were invading wraith,” Sheppard reminded. “There was no way that they were unarmed. Probably only armed with stunners –as evidenced by the fact that none of our people were killed- but they were armed.”

“Cavanaugh reported that the wraith had put their weapons down before he stepped forward,” said McKay.

“According to Oz,” Winchester added, “Cavanaugh wasn’t very specific. He didn’t order them to kick it out of the Seal, so they dropped them at their feet, within easy reach.”

“So Cavanaugh went for the weapons and the wraith caught him.” Sheppard was more speaking out loud than talking to the teams. “What I want to know is how Osbourne got a wraith to stop feeding by threatening with a crossbow? As thrilled as I am that we don’t have another Ford situation on our hands, why did the crossbow work?”

Winchester shook his head. “I don’t know. Oz let me look at the crossbow and I couldn’t find anything. McKay should probably check it out, but…” he shook his head again. “I don’t think he’ll find anything.”

“Is …Oz a shaman as well?” Teyla asked.

Winchester blushed slightly. He was always embarrassed to be called a shaman. “He’s probably closer to it than I am. I do know that he’s never passed out while painting a Seal or doing the other things he does.”

It was time to get the discussion back on task. “Did the Marines justifiably open fire on the trapped wraith?” John asked.

Ronon was in shock. “Are you kidding?”

“We have to ask the question,” John told him. “We have to keep our word even if they don’t.”

“The Marines said that they were going for the guns.”

“Han shot first,” McKay muttered.

“What would Earth have done if the Wraith had lived,” Teyla asked. “They would never hand over humans to feed them and they would have never released them since they knew of the Half-Way Station.”

“Those are the kind of Marines I want on the Station,” McKay informed them all. “If we didn’t, we would have to shut it down.”

“Agreed,” Ohlman said. “Their job is to defend the territory with extreme prejudice.”

“Now we just have to persuade the SGC and the IOA of that.” John was not looking forward to that report.

“We can’t keep Cavanaugh here with the Marines. They can’t trust him and will not follow his orders. We need to find some other place for him,” Ohlman commented.

McKay huffed. “That’s the SGC’s problem, not ours. The Marines didn’t do anything wrong. We might be able to pin dereliction of duty and unlawful order on Cavanaugh. Again, not our problem. So write your report. Send it and Cavanaugh to the SGC –the Mid-Way Station will be fine without him- and let’s go home.”

John blinked. “Does anyone have a problem with that?”

No one argued. “Alright. Everyone write up their report and radio me when you’re done. We should be able to type it up in three hours. We’ll meet by the ‘Gate then.” That took a lot less time and effort than John had expected.

It made John suspicious.


The Mid-Way Station Band
A/N: A snippet of the Mid-Way Station Snippet. looks at muse really?!?!? You couldn’t harp on anything else but a bunch of OCs and Oz? looks at readers I’m sorry, the Learning How to Fly ‘Verse is officially out of control.
Rating: Teen for language

Byrd and Romeo pulled the drums from their hiding place on the Mid-Way Station. Williams was on his way from his room with his keyboard. The piano lessons that his mother had insisted on from the ages of five to ten were coming in handy now. Byrd had already brought his lute and guitar from his room. His family had been deeply involved in music on the reservation. Romeo really hadn’t had any acquaintance with music other than the radio, but he had a natural beat and was picking up the drums quickly. Oz would do one more patrol of the Station and then join them with his base guitar. Oz was awesome at playing, arranging and creating music.

Byrd, Romeo and Williams were the Marines and had a duty to patrol but Oz had a need to patrol, now that the Atlantis crew had left. Thankfully, Cavanaugh was gone –back to Earth. The man was a pain in the ass and he couldn’t sing for shit. The doctor had hated the fact that the band would rather have nothing than have him for lead vocalist.

A base guitar appeared at Byrd’s side and he turned to smile at the short civilian. Oz could move quieter than any Recon Force personnel. “We good?”

Oz nodded. He double-checked all the surveillance video feeds that he had jerry-rigged into the monitor in this storage area. “Huh.”

The Marines stopped what they were doing warily. Byrd was the spokesman. “Is this the ‘huh’ of a hive full of wraith coming for us or the ‘huh’ of some present that the ‘Lantis people left for us?”

Oz crooked a smile. “Dean stole some of our band tapes and the tape of my transformation.”

It had been a partial transformation and thankfully the bastard doctor hadn’t seen it since he was too busy being a stupid ass and getting the life sucked out of him. The transformation had been enough to distract and threaten the invading wraith.

Romeo glanced at Williams and then spoke, “He won’t tell others, no?” His Spanish accent stronger than normal.

“Nah,” Oz was unconcerned.

“How certain are you?” Williams asked.

“Very. Dean knew what I was when he suggested the job.” Oz mused a bit, “don’t think he told the general though.”

The Marines relaxed a bit. If Winchester hadn’t told General O’Neill –who would maybe blink at the idea- then he wouldn’t tell anyone of Atlantis who would react with a gun.

Romeo swallowed loudly. “Will he share the music?”

“Yeah,” said Oz.

The Marines exchanged glances. “I guess it doesn’t matter that we can’t agree on a band name,” Byrd mused. “We’re going to be called whatever the hell Winchester names us.”


“Got an e-mail from Dean today,” Oz announced at the kitchen table.

The Marines promptly ended their loud argument. If Oz was speaking, they were listening.

“And?” Byrd prompted.

“He wanted more music.”

“What did he name the band?” Williams asked.

“What the Hell.”

Romeo snorted and the other band members laughed.



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Dec. 5th, 2010 01:38 am (UTC)

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee you!!!

Oz and Dean in SPACE being AWESOME and giving Cavanaugh headaches,,,, first his generator, then his youth and now his command...

also Oz and his band of quirky marines who make music and fight alien vampires....

Dec. 10th, 2010 09:33 pm (UTC)
just for you
I'm glad you liked the snippets. You kept feeding the muse until this came out.
Dec. 11th, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC)
Re: just for you
I'll do my best to keep her well fed then!
With Oz having so many gnice new friends he can't be reached by Cain or his minions... his band mates like machine guns and their disgruntled vocalist is not quite insane enough yet to do anything!

Jan. 30th, 2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
Re: just for you
and now I'm thinking about the lhtf 'verse again. Oz was my first fanfic love and I keep returning to him.
Jan. 30th, 2011 05:14 pm (UTC)
Re: just for you
you should... he gets too little love as it is...

anywhere Oz goes he would get along great...I was always curious about how the field trip story would work out when got back from vamp hunting
Jan. 30th, 2011 10:19 am (UTC)
We love your muse for letting this 'verse out of control. What do you feed you muse with? Cookie? Cake? M&M's? WE WILL HELP YOU FEED IT.
Jan. 30th, 2011 12:04 pm (UTC)
can't stop laughing
the beta feeds the muse with (dark) chocolate covered expresso beans.

And reviewers feed it with plot ideas.
Between the two, I'm screwed.
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