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Firsts Drabbles for Learning How To Fly

Firsts Drabbles for Learning How To Fly
Various Short Stories that fit into the Learning How to Fly ‘Verse
Either requested by reviewers or things that interrupted the flow of the Big Bang.


First Time He Slept Through the Night:
200 Words

He should not –under any circumstances- have attempted to paint a Seal of Solomon on Atlantis. It wasn’t as if he knew if it worked. He didn’t know if there was anything in this galaxy that it would trap.

It was just…

He couldn’t sleep without a Seal protecting him. Dean repeatedly tried to lay out salt. It didn’t work. One, the kitchens kept a close eye on their stores and Dean needed a couple 5 pound bags. Two, Altantis had an automatic cleaning system that would ‘vacuum’ up the salt within the hour after Dean put it down.

The inherent problem with the Seals was that they were difficult to make permanent without anyone catching him and without someone noticing it after the fact. Then the scientists had bunch of scaffolds for repair work in the main hallway to the berths. They were rarely using them when Dean was patrolling at oh-thirty in the morning. It helped that only a skeleton crew inhabited Atlantis. It was a perfect opportunity.

Dean patrolled. Then when he could grab fifteen minutes here and there, he painted the Seal on the ceiling of the hallway.

Then and only then could he sleep soundly.


First Boom-Boom:
200 Words

The natives had fed them and drugged the team. They then had imprisoned Team 4 without trial or without telling them why. Dean wanted Miranda to come out to the Pegasus Galaxy. Pacosky took one look out from the natives’ prison and turned to Dean.

“Can you blow it?”

Dean had to grin in response. He stretched the kinks out of his back like a satisfied cat. He and Pacosky had done the ‘what if’ scenarios the entire Daedalus trip out to Atlantis. Now he’d get to try one out. “The problem isn’t blowing the door, but making it small enough to not to take us out.”

Ohlman glanced at the two of them. “You don’t have your pack,” he reminded them.

Dean dug into his pockets and pulled out what he had on hand. “I’ll get it back. I just need to know if we’re leaving enough of the village for Atlantis to negotiate with.”

“Our packs are next door,” Pacosky reported.

Olhman made his decision. “Michaels, make a point but try to keep the casualties down to a minimum.”

Yes, sir.” Dean had never agreed more with a commander’s order.

He ended up impressing Olhman with his competence.


First Injury:
200 Words

Dean should have known better. Pacosky had known about his Boot Camp physical record and the bar fight. Pacosky knew that Dean could handle anything in hand-to-hand combat. So when the Runner that Sheppard brought home (and was Dean the only one thinking ‘But Mom, he followed me home. I wanna keep him’?) was looking for people to spar with, Pacosky volunteered Dean.

Dean had served his normal graveyard shift of patrolling and had slept well. He walked into the gym looking for something to get his blood pumping and Pacosky said that he had just the thing.

Ronon didn’t think much of Marine combat training and it was obvious. He swung his right fist like he expected Dean to land on the floor groaning.

Dean dodged and hit back and the fight was one.

Ronon fought dirty, since he was used to fighting stronger beings. Dean had no problem matching Ronon dirty trick for dirty trick. Dean was used to fighting stronger beings too. Dean was slightly out of shape but it wasn’t until he thought Gotta stay out of the reach of gigantor’s arms that he misstepped.

He forgot that he wasn’t fighting Sammy.

And got knocked out.


First Word:
200 Words


Dean tried to remember what he had been fighting and who he had saved. Had it been a vampire? A ghost? Had he saved a hot chick? That’d rock. A family?

“Winchester? Are you with me?”



“Winchester? Can you open your eyes?”

Maybe. Dean struggled and then his eyes were open. He was looking up at some doctor looking concerned. He was flat on his back in the Atlantis mess hall. He turned his head and saw Carson and Sheppard also down.


“What happened?” Dean asked.

“Atlantis had an energy surge just after you received the gene therapy.”

That was Atlantis in his head sounding like a two-year old on a sugar high and not needing to breathe. Dean hadn’t imagined the conversation with the city after he had painted the Seal in front of the Gate. Damnit. She was overpowering now and not a gentle whisper. She was loud in his head. Dean had to get away from her.

Then Ronon was there, offering a hand out. Dean accepted it.


You’re welcome already, he told her. He didn’t even know why she was thanking him.

You made me safer, Shaman.

Oh hell.

Thank you.


First Award:
200 Words

Atlantis was proud of him. She was bursting at the seams with pride. It echoed from every tower. Could Sheppard feel it? Some other Ancient machine had accepted Dean as Shaman, had tried him and found him satisfactory. The other Ancient machinery had also gifted him with more shaman knowledge and power. Atlantis thought it was well deserved.

Dean didn’t want such knowledge. The power was downright scary. Dean would ignore it until he was forced to face it. He did use it to convince Atlantis to partially accept Sam. While having the City slam doors in Sam’s face was pretty funny, it got annoying after the first twenty times. There were too many doors and transporters in Atlantis on Dean’s normal route.

Dean didn’t tell anyone about the changes. He said goodbye to Sam and sent him home. He searched out Pacosky and planned another poker party. He considered checking out the Shaman Laboratory on some night patrol.

He knew Sheppard and Weir would be pissed that he was keeping secrets, but he couldn’t stop.

Sadly, Dean’s best excuse for not saying anything was that it was The Shamans’ Way.


Even Ancient Shamans had regulations that they followed.


First Letter:
200 Words


I’m good. Ash, Pacosky and Ronon are good. The City is good.

Just about everything is good.

‘Cept Heightmeyer, you bitch. You just had to tell her about my ‘self-sacrificing nature.’ I’ve have had session after session about my self worth and shit. You bitch. I know it’s your fault. You never did outgrow tattling. Heightmeyer is not letting it go until I make ‘significant improvement.’ We had an argument over ‘self-flagellation.’ She seems to think that sparring with Ronon counts. Luckily, Sheppard and Ohlman set her straight.

By the way, I now win half my fights with him, better than anyone else in the City.

Had to do two updates on my big project. That was not cool being all alone in the great outdoors. Hopefully, never again. Ash loved it. He said that it was better than being high and drunk, and now Weir won’t even consider letting him go back out again. Maybe I should fake it and she’ll ground me too. I doubt it would work, I hate flying and everyone knows it.

How’s classes? Bet you already caught up.

How’s Jess? Has she dumped your sorry ass yet? Or did you propose?




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Dec. 3rd, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
Yay more Learning to Fly verse. You do realize that there needs to be a proper sequel right? ^_-

Especially now with the revelation that Dean is a Shaman according to Atlantis herself and that there is a _Shaman_ lab??!!
Dec. 10th, 2010 10:54 pm (UTC)
uhm... sequel?
I really haven't haven't thought about it. Haven't really come up with a plot.
Dec. 5th, 2010 01:46 am (UTC)
the Atlantis in the cafeteria bit makes so much sense, not only just about her being thanksuf for the symbol but also about how he fixes bronken things which might not be needed at a certain time...

the last letter bit was very very much what I can imagine in the email between the brothers and the kirst ka-boom a good intro to team 4
Dec. 10th, 2010 10:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks for mentioning the cafeteria drabble. I was worried that it wouldn't make much sense.
Dec. 11th, 2010 11:40 pm (UTC)
Re: thanks
for me it made perfect sense... she had been trying to reach him for some time so of course whe would be exited... which girl wouldn't??
Feb. 9th, 2011 01:13 am (UTC)
loved the story when it first came out, love the drabble, I know I'll love the others.

Just rather excited to see more, and so gonna have to go back and re-read it all!!!!

*giggles and runs widely down the rows of fanfiction*
Feb. 10th, 2011 12:14 am (UTC)
I'm glad
I hope you enjoyed all of the fic the second time through
May. 29th, 2014 10:47 pm (UTC)
The drabbles are fun! I love them!
PLEASE, can we get a fic where it is explain about Deans shaman "power"? You have a few times mention it (here, with Methos, in the main fic) and I would love if you explore that! PLEASE!!!

Edited at 2014-05-29 10:49 pm (UTC)
Jun. 16th, 2014 11:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks for letting me know. I'll add it to my prompts list for when the muse is bored.
Aug. 3rd, 2017 10:32 am (UTC)
Still my favourite fic
I can't remember how many times I had reread this entire LHTF series :D
It's still really awesome <3<3<3
I hope someday you would pick this up again and add some more (even drabbles/snippets are fine, really)
in the mean time, I'll think I'll go reread this whole thing again :D
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