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I feel the need to do a little meta

Spoilers for Supernatural season 6

So, I've been watching season 6 of Supernatural, and I've been enjoying it for the most part.  Wish the Lisa/Dean relationship hadn't imploded, and I of course wish that Dean would  gain a little more realistic picture of himself, but that isn't anything new, and since Lisa wasn't killed off I still have some hope.

What's actually been bothering me is the way fandom seems to be dividing about it.  This show is about SamandDean, DeanandSam, not about one or the other.  Yet for some reason Deangirls and Samgirls are starting to get nasty about the opposing Winchester.  I started out as a Samgirl, moved more into equally enjoying both brothers.  (Patience, if anyone is curious, is very much a Deangirl).

I've been going along trying to reason out both character's actions, but last night I had something occur to me while I was taking a shower (the best ideas always happen in the shower, I swear!).  According to 5.16, Dark Side of the Moon, Dean and Sam are platonic soulmates destined to share the afterlife together.  We know that when Dean's soul was in hell at the end of season 3, Sam didn't handle it well.  He made choices that were ludicrously bad.  What if it wasn't just the absence of his brother at his side?  What if the presence of one soul in hell had an effect on the condition of the other soul walking around amongst the living?

In other words, Sam is making poor moral judgement calls because his soul is in hell.  Dean is affected by the absence of his brother's soul, making him more prone than normal to doing things he would normally hate himself for.  

Something to think about, anyway.

In other news, I have recently discovered In Plain Sight and Burn Notice.  Enjoy both shows, of course, but Burn Notice is particularly enjoyable because a) it has Kyle from Pretender in the lead role, and the intervening decade was nothing but kind to him b) It's like a cross between Leverage and MacGyver.  He's always going to hardware stores and picking up the things he needs to make a safe house out of a garage or to thwart the guys trying to listen in with laser mikes c) Bruce Campbell.



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Nov. 22nd, 2010 06:46 am (UTC)
I guess you may know already but your Unmaking was nominated at spn_award
Whatever the result come, I'm very glad they recognized how great your story was.

And about meta, it's very interesting really. You should write a story then post to dean_sam. Not all the fan loves wincest, you know?

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