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From Tabitha, this particular time:

So, Patience is working on her big bang art, which means that she is calling upon me to a) find certain screencaps for her to work from and b) put in season 4 in the DVD player, on occasion.  So I rewatched Lazarus Rising, and thought about how cool and awe-inspiring that introduction of Castiel was, and that led me to some other thoughts about the angels in general.

Castiel was and is an awesome, interesting character.  He was scary and fierce and pretty much everything angels are supposed to be: warriors, not fluffy little statues.  Then they went on to add Uriel and Anna and Zachariah, and the dissapointment crept in.  Where did my awesome warrior angels dedicated to God go?

And then, in season 5, they introduced Lucifer, and I was once again floored.  He was smooth and easy and seductive, sneaking in past people's defenses.  This was the devil, and once again Supernatural had gotten it right.

And then, in the last episode of season 5, there was Michael.  It could have just been the actor who plays Adam.  Maybe if they'd ended up with Dean saying yes Jensen Ackles could have added something scary and layered, more the general of Heaven's armies than the petulant abandoned son.  But I don't want that ending changed, fickle person that I am.  I just want my angels to act like angels.

To this end, and my eventual point, I am making my inevitable Star Wars analogy.  Want to explain the Christian walk to small children?  Use a Star Wars analogy.  And right now, here's my comparison.

Lucifer is Palpatine.  Smooth, sly, patient, knowing that he can count on the seeds of corruption that he sows to bear fruit.

Castiel is Obi-Wan Kenobi.  The devoted follower who believes in the cause even when his superiors aren't exactly what he thought they would be.

Which means that Michael should be Mace Windu or Yoda.  Instead we got a whiny Anakin Skywalker.  Not even Anakin/Darth Vader from the end of episode 3, but Attack of the Clones Anakin.

That's my complaint in a nutshell, folks.  I wanted Mace Windu, I got Anakin Skywalker.  


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Sep. 18th, 2010 04:57 am (UTC)
Hey reading the Atlantis story with Dean. love it. I search for smart Dean and man did this fit the bill. I love how Dean doesn't get that he is smart or special in anyway. Love the story. Hope there is more!
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