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April 29th, 2015

Need: SPN Beta, please. Anyone out there?

So I've been writing spn and faithdaria is not interested anymore. What I need right now is someone to go though the 22000+ words of Hedgehog Rescue so that I can post on AO3 along with a 2000? word outside pov of Criminal Minds. I do pretty good with plot and characters but miss the occasional 'me' that really should be 'my.' etc, etc. I am ridiculously annoyed when I catch it after it's posted.

Also the 36000 words of Spirit Animal Tales so that I can post on A03 with the Bucky chapters as a linked but different story. (I prefer the reviewers on ff.net but the posting advantage is all over on AO3).

I can go months without writing a thing and then write 10000 words a week.

Any takers?