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Bring Me to Life by faithdaria

Title: Bring Me to Life
Series: 10 Recruits that the SGC Never Had
Rating: Family
Genre: Crossover (SG1/Highlander)
Spoilers/Warnings: Disregard Heroes. Anything else up to season 8 is fair game.
Summary: 10 People that the SGC passed over.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing, don’t sue.

The man was unassuming, to say the least. A mildly attractive face with a prominent nose, tall and lanky and a slightly hunched posture, dressed in faded jeans and a sweater much too big for him. Daniel was enthusiastically extolling his capabilities. Jack interrupted during the language listing.

“Daniel,” he said, almost gently, “did you read the update added to his file last month?”

“No.” The archaeologist flipped the file open and read the last entry. His face fell as he read one word and a date.

“We’ve already filled the quota on hiring from the afterlife. I doubt Pierson will be as lively as you are.”


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Jan. 30th, 2013 05:45 pm (UTC)
If only they knew how "lively" Dr. Pierson could be. :)
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