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Missing Person by faithdaria

Title: Missing Person
Series: 10 Recruits that the SGC never had.
Rating: Family
Genre: Crossover (SG1/BTVS)
Spoilers/Warnings: Disregard Heroes. Everything else as shown through the end of season 8.
Summary: 10 People that the SGC passed over.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing, don’t sue.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Jack stared up at the screen, taking in the fair skin, slight build, and hair color not found in nature. “This kid is a candidate?”

“Daniel Osbourne, recommended by Major Riley Finn, who says, and I quote, ‘Good in a fight, never loses his head, and can make a computer stand up and do the Macarena.’ His test records are very good.”

“So bring him in.”

“I can’t, sir.” Sam sounded embarrassed. “We can’t find him.”

“We can’t find him,” he asked.

“No, sir. Last known address is Sunnydale, California, currently at the bottom of a very large sinkhole. We managed to track down his mother, but all she’s had are postcards and the occasional phone call for the last two years. There’s no record of his passport being used in the last six months, no trace of credit card use, and the vehicle registered to him was sold over a year ago.”

“Why is he in the pile?”

“I keep coming back to him,” Sam admitted.

“And you’ll have to do that again. Let’s move on, shall we?”