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Savage End by faithdaria

Title: Savage End
Genre: Crossover, JLA/Highlander
Rating: Teen
Spoilers: Maid of Honor, parts 1 and 2
Summary: A few loose ends get tied up.

“So this is Vandal Savage. The man who proclaimed to the world that he couldn’t be killed.”

Vandal lifted his head, the pain and nausea ebbing away as he focused on the owner of the mocking voice. “That’s right. Do your worst, mortal, but I will escape. And then I will eat your liver.”

The man stepped into the dim light and lean hawkish features were given a blue cast. “Really? Haven’t heard that one in a while, but it remains uninventive.” He stepped closer, and the light caught the metal edge of a sword. “Let me get this straight: a meteor fell from the sky and changed you. Now because you can heal from this,” the sword flashed, opening up a major blood vessel in his arm, “it’s your destiny to rule the world.”

Vandal smiled as he felt the tingle of the wound closing. “Yes. You can’t stop me mortal. I will rule. I have all the time in the world.”

“I see. The stranger’s voice was amused. “Tell me, Vandal. What does this do to that plan of yours?” The sword flashed again, and the man held up his bloody hand, the flesh cut down to the bone. There was a flicker of blue electricity across the injury, and it closed up without a trace. The man’s face was expressionless, cold, as he stepped closer. “Did you think you were the only one? There are thousands of us out there, and you’ve put us all in danger with your little game.”

“What are you going to do? I can’t be killed.”

“Oh, but you can.” The man stepped backwards, out of the light. “Tell me, were you around in the Bronze Age? Do you remember the Horsemen?” There was a mirthless laugh. “You’ve just met Death.”

“We could rule the world together!”

“Been there, done that.” The sword flashed.