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meetings in the now

Meetings in the Now
By Faithdaria
disclaimer: not mine
Spoilers: Starwars for the books, vague spoilers for the prequels

Obi-Wan watched as his padawan shifted and then settled back into his dreams. It had taken a long time for Anakin to relax into sleep; the boy was filled with excitement about their mission here. His master was more concerned about the role this planet seemed to play when he looked toward his apprentice’s future. This place was like a fulcrum on which light and dark were balanced. Obi-Wan closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts. He stepped into the vision as soon as he began his meditation, almost as if the Force had been waiting patiently for him to reach out.

He was walking through the forest of Zonoma Sekot. The destination didn’t seem to matter; the opportunity to walk there was all that was needed. There was a man walking beside him, and he knew somehow that this was another Jedi even though he could only see his profile from the corner of his eye. The other's presence was bright and warm, and Obi-Wan simply enjoyed basking in the light as he walked. Finally the strange Jedi spoke.

“This place is strong in the Force, Obi-Wan. Time is more fluid here, which is how I can speak to you now.” He stopped in a clearing, and Obi-Wan got his first full look at the other Jedi. He looked . . . ordinary - average height, short hair streaked with gray, and a face lined with time and scars. And yet, there was something about the man’s eyes that reminded Obi-Wan of someone else. Shaking away the thought, he focused on what the man had said.

“Are you a Jedi of the future?”

“I am.”

“Are you here to warn me?”

The man smiled, transforming his ordinary features. His bright blue eyes glinted with humor at the situation. “I don’t know. The Force directed me to do this in my meditations. I’m sure whatever it wants me to tell you will become apparent.” He studied Obi-Wan for a moment, much like the younger Jedi had done earlier. “I didn’t expect you to be so young. The Council must have great trust in you to allow you to train Anakin Skywalker.”

“Master Windu believes Anakin and I were meant to be a team. His opinion carried the day.”

The stranger nodded. “You must continue to train him in the light, Obi-Wan.” The young master felt the internal struggle of his older companion before calm spread through him. “There is great darkness ahead. The Sith will try to claim the galaxy through treachery and deceit, but the Force has a will of its own. Whenever it looks the darkest, there will still be light. Stand firm in that light.” He reached out and touched Obi-Wan’s shoulder with his left hand, and Obi-Wan came back to himself with a start.

His apprentice was standing in front of him, a frown on his young face. “Master, I’ve been trying to reach you for five minutes. Where did you go?”