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Lucky by faithdaria

Title: Lucky
Genre: Angst
Spoilers: End of Season 5 of Smallville, anything in Batman Beyond or Justice League Unlimited is fair game.
Rating: Teen

Superman remained on his fairly comfortable chair and watched the young man wander about the room. The part of him that had once been a teenager on a farm in Kansas could sympathize with the need to be doing something, but the seasoned superhero knew it was a pointless act that might be taking necessary energy from a future battle. "It won’t get us home any faster, Terry. Have a seat."
Terry turned to him with an expression that was a twist between a smile and a grimace. "He’s never going to let me live this down," he said, sitting down at the small table.
"It’s happened to all of us, even Bruce. You’re not really a member of the League unless you’ve been sucked through a portal and dropped somewhere inconvenient."
"Somehow I don’t see that slowing him down much."

"He usually adapted quickly," Superman conceded. "But you handled yourself well your first time out."

Terry shrugged, his fingers tapping restlessly on the table. “What am I going to tell Dana?”

“Your girlfriend?” The dark head nodded. “I take it she doesn’t know.”

“I’ve thought about telling her, but Bruce would freak. You should have seen him when my friend Max found out.”

The Kryptonian was quiet for several long moments while Terry fidgeted in his chair. When he finally spoke his voice was soft, almost gentle. “Bruce never had someone who understood him. He will never be comfortable with anyone knowing his secrets.”

Terry frowned. “So you’re saying I should tell her?”

The other man shifted, and Terry had the distinct impression that while he had begun this conversation with Superman, he was now talking to Clark Kent. “If you’re lucky, you will meet one person in your lifetime that can support what you do. We’re not like other people, Terry. The things we do and the responsibilities we assume set us apart, and very few people can truly accept that. Despite all the people that have fought alongside Bruce, you were the first person to truly share his passion for the fight.”

“Did you ever have someone like that?”



“She died.”

“How did it happen?”

Clark Kent disappeared behind Superman again. “I’m not human, no matter how I appear. Her body couldn’t sustain a Kryptonian child.” He stood up abruptly and headed for the door.

“When,” Terry asked, his eyes still on his teammate.

“Thirty-nine years ago.” Clark turned to look at the younger man. “And if you’re very lucky, you’ll find someone who loves you the way Chloe did me.” With that, he left the room.