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Good Ail

Good Ail
by PaBurke

*** Summary *** Harry Dresden isn’t sure what to think of Mac’s newest employee.
*** Spoilers *** Season 7 BtVS, Book Nine of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.
*** Disclaimer *** I'm playing with someone else's toys. No Copyright infringement intended. No money made. Hopefully everyone will treat this like a plug for Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.
*** Warning *** None, little language.
*** Distribution *** TtH and the lj


When I walked into MacNally’s that night, I nearly walked back out to recheck the exterior of the building. This couldn’t be the right place.

For one, where was Mac? He was not in his customary place behind the bar. He was not even mingling with the patrons. He was no where to be seen and there was a stranger taking orders, cooking and pouring alcohol. There was something odd about him, but I didn’t know what.

He was short, lithe and dressed as many of Molly’s friends did. He wasn’t chatting with the patrons. Hell’s bells, he was barely speaking at all and he wasn’t employing the grunts that Mac used so liberally. At most bars, the bartender made small talk. At MacNally’s, the bartender’s talk was always small, or non-existent.

No one was staring at the kid, okay so he was probably a ‘young adult.’ They were used to him. It must not be the first time Mac had left the bar in the kid’s hands. I know I had been on Warden Missions for a couple of months, but I hadn’t expected so much to change in the meantime, especially at MacNally’s.

I got pushed from behind. With a slight grin, I turned to see who would dare. My reputation did not paint me as one who was accepting of physical or casual contact. It was MacNally himself.

“Move Dresden,” Mac growled.

I moved. “I was just admiring your help.”

“He doesn’t swing your way,” Mac retorted. “’Sides, I heard you were in bed with a White Court Vamp.”

Stars and Stones. Was I ever going to get away from Thomas’ lies?

Mac was chuckling at my blush. I had never realized Mac had an evil streak. “I nipped that one, after all the panting you do for the mortal cop.”

Paradoxically, I blushed further. I decided that I liked Mac better when he kept silent. “When’d you start all the talking?”

Mac shrugged toward the kid. “Had to tell him how things were done.”

“Who is that?”


One word answers from Mac, good, my world was getting back to its normal rotation. “He new in town?”


“Why did you hire him?”

“Dresden. Get a beer.”

I decided to be a detective later and to be a patron now. I went and got a beer.