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Unmaking, Author's Note

I would first like to send out a song of praise to the artist for this story.  I still hope to edit this later and include the art, since it is beautiful, but I'm (obviously) lousy at coding and that will have to wait for a time when I'm not swamped in RL.

Thanks to my fabulous betas, Martha and Patience.  Y'all aren't on LJ, but I know you'll probably read this once its up and coherent.

This story was started approximately six hours after I saw "In the Beginning" the first time.  I kept adding in canon as it showed up, but obviously not everything was included.  I also had my storyline set before Michael's first appearance, so the Michael in my story is more how I wish the Michael on Supernatural had been, less whiny teenager who reminded me gratingly of someone I work with and more the general of Heaven's army.

Hope you enjoy it!