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Evil Fighters

Evil Fighters
by PaBurke

*** Summary *** Dresden lj prompt: Darkness. From a non-normal POV
*** Spoilers *** book nine of the Dresden books, White Night.
*** Disclaimer *** I'm playing with someone else's toys. No Copyright infringement intended. No money made. Hopefully everyone will treat this like a plug for Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Very much worth reading, buying, or in our case-gifting.
*** Warning *** None, little language.
*** Distribution *** The Nook and the lj
*** Author’s Note *** Practice for a scene in a longer story, so I need honest opinions here.
*** Word Count *** 400


Evil had a scent, not a face. The face was always black, the absence of light.

Evil had a scent and Mouse was following it.

Evil had a scent and it was mixed in with the many discarded things scattered around.

A scent from behind, a stumble, a mumble. The Master was especially clumsy today.

Mouse wagged his tail; he knew where the Master was.

Evil had a scent and it wasn’t much like the Master most days.

The Master’s steps didn’t cover Evil’s furtive steps. Mouse turned his head in the correct direction.

The Master had finally learned most of Mouse’s body language by now. He faced the darkness too.

“Gun,” the Master shouted. He pushed Mouse behind the smelly metal container. Mouse knew what a gun was. It was the strange removable limb that hurt when it was pointed at you. Evil and the smellnicefemale the Master had designated as ‘Murph’ or ‘Murphy’ both used them.

Mouse stared through the metal container and watched the blackdarknesshead come closer. Evil was still using a gun. The Master had his own gun out and was preparing his magic.

The Master teased him. “Trying to develop your x-ray vision, SuperMouse?”

Mouse wagged his tail, eyes trained on the blackdarknesshead. The Master wasn’t making any sense again, but he was being careful and confident and ready to fight Evil.

A pause from Evil’s gun. Mouse knew this was the correct time. He darted out. The Master tried to stop him, but was much too slow. Evil pointed the gun at the Master. Mouse jumped Evil.


Evil was dead. Mouse swiveled his head. There was no more blackdarknessheads in any of the nearby buildings. The Master was safe for now. Mouse looked down at the dead Evil. The blackness was fading, being infused with light. Mouse could now see the features of the face.

The Master stepped near and scratched behind Mouse’s ear just the way he liked it. “Good tracking, good job, Mouse.” Mouse pressed near to the Master. He sniffed; no blood or pain. The Master got hurt a lot and Mouse always had to check.

The Master was good and fought Evil. Mouse helped so many more with the Master than he would have at the Monastery with his kin. The Master needed Mouse. Mouse needed to fight Evil.

Mouse followed the Master to find more Evil to destroy.