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Birthday Presence

Birthday Presence
by PaBurke

*** Summary *** Dresden’s birthday
*** Spoilers *** book nine of the Dresden books, White Night.
*** Disclaimer *** I'm playing with someone else's toys. No Copyright infringement intended. No money made. Hopefully everyone will treat this like a plug for Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Very much worth reading, buying, or in our case-gifting.
*** Warning *** None, little language.
*** Distribution *** The Nook and the lj
*** Word Count: 450

I was tired, but it was the good kind of tired. I neared my home and noticed a large package on the front step. The postmark was from Ramirez, and a quick spell confirmed it, so I brought it inside. Mouse followed me along. We had been at the Carpenter’s house to celebrate, of all things, my birthday. Molly and Charity had cooked a delicious meal. Either Charity had softened toward me, or Molly had pulled out the huge guns of emotional blackmail. I wasn’t sure which was more likely, but I would be enjoying the leftovers for a week.

Of course, I had brought Mouse along to the ‘party.’ He was more welcome at the Carpenter household than I was. I put the leftovers designated for Mister into the cat’s bowl and collapsed on the couch. As I pretty much expected, Ebenezer had left a book on my kitchen table. He had also left a note saying that our next dinner out was on him. I added that note to the stack of homemade birthday cards that the younger kids had made for me. I smiled at each one and straightened all the corners traveling in my pocket had bent. I would keep them, even the one that said ‘Hapy Birthday Bill.’

I set them aside to pick up the box from Carlos. Molly must have informed the other Warden. I was curious what Carlos would deem appropriate. I opened the box and then laughed when I saw that the contents were further hidden in wrapping paper. One of the packages jingled, so I opened it first. I ripped the paper off to find another box and finally when I opened it, I caught my breath in a half-laugh.


Carlos had gotten me iron spurs.

Now I was really curious over the bigger gift. I tore into it like I used to treat gifts when my dad was still giving them to me. This one made me laugh so hard, there were tears in my eyes.

A big black cowboy hat. Now all I needed was the shiny Marshal’s badge.

A note fluttered out: If you ever speak what a certain White Court Vamp mentioned to anyone, they will blow up on you.

I laughed hard. This was a very good day; the best birthday in decades perhaps.

There was a knock on my door. I checked the peephole and saw Murphy standing on my front stoop. She was still in uniform; she must have just gotten off her shift.

“I know that you probably had a good dinner and cake, but how about a beer at MacNally’s?” she offered.

Yeah. Why couldn’t everyday be a man’s birthday?