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Learning How to Fly, Ellen Snippet

Learning How To See
By PaBurke
Summary: A side vignette of Learning How To Fly, from Ellen’s POV. At least PG-13
Pairings: JO/EH, JO/SC
Disclaimer: These characters so don’t belong to me. They don’t do what I want them to do, even when I’m writing them.
Word Count: 400


The first time, Jack called the sex a ‘safe port in the storm.’ It sounded odd coming out of his mouth and it wasn’t until six months later when Dean mentioned that Jack was Air Force and not Marines, did the weirdness make sense.

Ellen called their meetings a good expenditure of stress and hormones. Jack had given her a funny look. It was only when she had an opportunity to congratulate the new Mrs. Doctor Colonel Samantha Carter O’Neill (talk about a mouthful of names) did she understand that look.

She had known that the relationship (if one could even call it such) wouldn’t last. When Jack had hinted at something more, she told him that he couldn’t compete with her dead husband. He wasn’t heartbroken, not really, maybe even relieved. It took a full bottle of scotch for him to reveal that the love of his life was alive but just as untouchable.

Ellen had considered making the brief visits something more when Jo had disappeared. Ellen had called up Jack in a panic and he had a plane (a freakin’ plane!) waiting for her with a very good fake ID. The friends he had had helped her find and rescue her daughter. The dark-skinned man, whose name was not Murray, rumbled something about Jack’s son dying at a young age. He understood her fear and she understood his loss.

She knew that Jack had a life outside of the Roadhouse and that it didn’t involve hunting, but she didn’t know how important he was. Then Jack called her, all suppressed fury, demanding if she knew Dave Whitfield. She answered, “affirmative.” Jack then growled at her to have someone pick him up in an abandoned farmhouse and pass along that all Hunters were to stay the ‘hell out of any and all military bases.’ He had it covered. Ellen trusted that a two-star general knew what he was talking about.

When Ellen and Jo had showed up for the wedding, they weren’t the only Hunters there. They weren’t the only ones that lived off the grid. Ellen doubted that she was the only one of Jack’s exes to show. She genuinely wished them the best. She knew that Samantha (please call me ‘Sam’) knew most of the hidden places that Jack never revealed to Ellen. There were layers to the man and she had barely scratched the surface.


Author’s note: The text that I sent my beta in the middle of Hustling that led to this short: ‘J o'neill decided he wanted to jump e harvelle in the middle of hustling & I'm like, what about carter?’ (Yes, I argue with the characters, doesn’t everyone who wants to keep them in character?)


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May. 22nd, 2010 08:28 pm (UTC)
Interesting and...adult. If that makes any sens.
Oct. 7th, 2010 12:06 am (UTC)
Thank you. I try to write Ellen very different from other characters. She's a hard woman who has survived life that would crush others.
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