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Marvel, X-Men/Avengers, Character!Death

“Please Logan, please. His anger isn’t constructive anymore. He’s killing some allies with our enemies. He’s the epitome of their fear. ”

Logan looked down at the friend begging on his knees and hurt. “Bruce, you’re smart. You’ll fix this.”

“No, Logan. I’m not you. I can’t endure. I’m tired and so very angry. You can do it. You and Steve will end this world war without me.”

“Does Steve know?”

“Yes. He’s not happy but he understands. Please, Logan.”

Logan saw the truth and conviction in Bruce’s eyes. He didn’t want his friend to suffer anymore. He swiped his claws across that bared throat. Bruce’s head bounced away before it turned green.


Burn Notice, Michael+Sam,

Michael had taken multiple steps back. He had put the very willing Sam Axe in Monica Verico’s ‘please call me Vixen’ path. It did nothing to slow down Vixen. She was rich, stately, flirtatious and handsy. Michael first tried to keep it professional, than he tried to rudely rebuff the older millionaire. His words matched his non-interested body language but Vixen ignored it all. If she hadn’t had the answers for their Client, Michael would have stomped out.

Michael’s day got worse when he realized that Sam was pouting. “You can’t be jealous,” Michael hissed.

“You’ve got her falling all over you and I’ve been without a girlfriend for a while.”

Please,” Michael implored. “Please interest her. She’s too… much for me.”

"That's what I've been trying to tell her."


Leverage/Burn Notice, Any+Any (or pick and choose ensembles),

The building was still exploding in the background when Nate Ford whirled on Michael Westen. "You nearly killed my team with that bomb."

Michael was calmer, but not by much. "You nearly got mine executed by stirring up the mob animosities while we were in the middle."

Eliot was keeping the rest of his team back and behind him. He knew Westen's team were all experts with the guns in every hand. Parker and Hardison were eyeing the other team with curiosity.

Sophie and Fiona were eyeing... each other's style. If Sam wasn't mistaken, Fi was about to invite the other woman out on a shopping trip.


Leverage, Parker + Archie,

He caught her hand as it was going into his jacket pocket. The stranger grasped Parker's hand like a parent would a child and led her to an isolated spot. She was so surprised, she let him.

Once he was sure they were alone, he showed her her hand as it had been positioned and then tucked her thumb into the rest of her hand. "This will make you less likely to be caught. Also, your eyes, little one, they followed me like a hyena followed a wounded rabbit. I saw you coming from across the street. You need to hide that better. I could teach you."



Hunger Games, Peeta/Katniss,

He had been teaching her how to kneed bread. Such a simple exercise that helped him. And every piece of bread he baked was eaten. None went stale. She was so uncertain, not knowing that she couldn't mess it up. He had aimed a light kiss for her cheek. They were both too broken in the ruins of District 12 for anymore. But he was not the Mockingjay with perfect aim. And she had been turning to tease him about the dough.

The kiss had been off-center and awkward. Katniss adjusted and aimed for a perfect kiss.

She was the Mockingjay so her lips met her target perfectly.


Teen Wolf (TV), Derek,

The forest still sounds like the wild home of his memories. As long as he sleeps upwind of the house, it smells right. It doesn't smell of charcoal, mold, decay and death. (It's all he smells everywhere when he's awake.)

When Derek's in between sleep and awake, the earth smells like Laura and the leaves dancing in the wind sounds like his mother's laughter.

When sleep deserts him, leaves him stranded again, the earth smells wrong, of brokenness (his own) and the wind mocks him for being the last Hale living.