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Colonel Jack O’Neill, Recruiter

Part 13 of FBI, SULFUR Division

For nyx_girl

Prompt: SPN/Stargate: SULFUR, Dean meets Jack O’Neill. Aliens vs Demons.


“Look, kid,” Jack O’Neill realized that he probably shouldn’t talk down to the FBI agent. The young man had been surprisingly competent and had been tracking the Gou’ald longer that the SGC. In fact, the kid had been so good at his job that he had pushed the snakehead into getting sloppy and that’s how it had landed in Jack’s lap. He had been the closest one to the scene of the crime, in Minnesota. Winchester had been holding his own against the snake when Jack had arrived in time to knock it out. “Agent, you have no idea how dangerous this… man is.”

Agent Dean Winchester’s eyes narrowed at Jack’s slip. “I know what yellow eyes mean.”

Jack scratched his head, annoyed. “Who read you in?”

“Read me in? One of them killed my mom when I was four.”

“It’s been on Earth for thirty years,” Jack growled. He very nearly handed the agent his gun to finish the job. One –possibly this one- had killed his mother and he had witnessed it. Ugh. This was going to be another Seth situation.

The agent straightened in such a way that Jack knew that he had over shot the kid’s age. He was younger than thirty. He was young and competent. “Whoever read you in did a shitty job.” He also had an attitude problem. Jack wanted to hire him immediately. Winchester started speaking and the Latin (actually that might be Ancient) rolled off his tongue like it was his first language.

When he was done the Gou’ald slithered out of the poor man’s mouth, slimy and weak. They normally didn’t do that. How had Winchester made that happen? Jack wasted no time putting three bullets in its head. He was grinning when he looked back at Winchester.

Agent Winchester looked shocked for the very first time. He finally shook his head and closed his mouth. “I take it back. That was one of yours and not one of mine.”

If Yellow Eyes meant something different to the agent and it was still deadly… “How about you and I drop this guy at a hospital and find a bar? I’ll buy you a beer and you read me into your program.”

“Only if you read me into your program,” the agent bargained.

Jack weighed the secrecy clause against the ability to kick a snake out with words. “Deal.”



Jan. 18th, 2014 02:40 pm (UTC)
I can't promise more, but I'm glad you liked it so far. (And you shared your feelings quite well despite the language barrier.)