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2nd Christmas Fic: More Public Relations

jebbypal asked for more PRverse, and my muse obeyed

Steve Rogers had been exploring the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, better known as simply the Bishop Museum, when he spotted the entire 5-O team. He watched the other Steve take down a man in a crushing tackle and Danny cuff a woman who tried to gouge out his eyes. Kono was arresting a second woman and the fourth member of their team held a shotgun on a man who wanted to run. The shotgun had to be a threat; Steve couldn’t see anyone willing to discharge a firearm amidst the beautiful model canoes. Then again, the canoes could be rebuilt, whatever those four criminals had done to warrant such a dramatic arrest probably couldn’t. Chin would make the best decision. Danny’s description of Chin as a co-worker and Bob’s description of the ‘disgraced’ cop that had been a security guard had reminded Steve more of the calm intelligence of Gabe Jones rather than the snappy, citified Jim Morita. Seeing the fourth member of 5-O in action only reaffirmed it. Kono might not have been a good match to Peggy, but she was more than any of the dance girls and secretaries but she didn’t have near enough… cold-bloodedness to be compared to Natasha. Kono’s solid back-up reminded Steve of Anita Hill, but Anita hadn’t been around in WWII. Steve couldn’t draw the others and leave her out.

Steve watched the modern Steve flipped Danny’s tie in his face. Danny smoothed it back down and snapped at his best friend. He defended and protected that tie like Dum Dum had his bowler. The two were similar in their individuality and their willingness to confront friend and foe alike. They were (had been) willing to say what needed said, even if they stepped on toes to say it. The 5-O leader smoothed things over with the museum director like Jacques had smoothed things over with numerous frightened French. Steve hid a smile at the flash-bang grenade that the other Steve hid behind his back. Danny smoothly lifted it and hid it further from the director’s eyes.

Steve hadn’t worried about the Commandos as he was dying; he had known they’d take care of each other. Just as now, he knew that 5-O would cover each other’s backs. They didn’t need Captain America in Hawaii. Maybe it was time for Steve to go home, to New York, and to the Avengers- his team.


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Dec. 19th, 2013 01:31 am (UTC)
Jan. 3rd, 2014 11:03 pm (UTC)
:). It's short, but I don't feel guilty since you got like 5 snippets out of your prompt last time.
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