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10 Families Steve Rogers Drew, Summers
Cross: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Compared to Steve’s past experiences with the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Erie didn’t have much of a beach.  Still it was a part of the United States he hadn’t seen before.  People kept telling him to go to northern Lake Michigan for some interesting land formations.  Here, in northern Ohio he climbed over more rocks and dead tree limbs against cliffs rather than walked long stretches of sand.  Despite the cold, grey spring weather and early hour, it was populated with two very different females.  The older blonde faced the grey rolling water with ice chunks slithering through the waves and moved her body through a complicated and very controlled series of movements.  Steve had seen Natasha do that once and she had called it a ‘kata.’ Since Natasha was the first person Steve had seen do it, he was understandably wary about the girl currently pretending he didn’t exist.  It didn’t matter that she was a tiny little thing, she had to be dangerous.  She was barefoot in the cold, broken shells, wearing a form-fitting neutral-colored sweatshirt and pants, which the lake wind molded against her lithe body.  She never shivered. She never faltered.

The other girl appeared to be her polar opposite.  Steve could tell that she was much taller than her companion.  She was sitting on, and with her legs covered by, a thick blanket on top a beach towel, reading a book.  She was bundled for the weather, with a winter hat and a puffy red coat that shown like a beacon.  She kept her hands hidden in the sleeves of her jacket like a child, until she needed to flip the page.  She was so engrossed that Steve didn’t think she looked up the entire time he sketched her.  He drew them both with delicate lines and their hair obscuring their faces.

He wondered about them, sometimes.  When he was glancing through his sketchbook and saw the two women that had arrived before him and left long after and had never said a word in the meantime.  He decided that they had to be family, to be that content for that long in silence.