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Learning the Rules, Another Harvey Snippet for Learning How to Fly
 more of jebbypal's prompt


“So you want a job.”

Part of Harvey could appreciate cutting out the chit-chat.  The other part of Harvey was stumped at the fact that his soon-to-be-boss had bypassed all of the security for his building and condo to simply appear in his living room.  “Did you beam in?” Harvey asked suspiciously.  The Daedalus had the capabilities.

Jack looked down his nose at Harvey.  “As much as I condone cheating, I needed the practice.  You know, keeping my skills sharp.  Before I leave anything here, I’ll update your security.”

“Did you have a job offer?” Harvey demanded.

“Not yet.  Just want to make sure you can abide by my rules.”

Harvey grabbed pen and paper.  Jack rolled his eyes and handed him a tablet.

“First, nobody gets left behind.”

Oh.  Those kind of rules.

“Second.  You will be working with Sam Winchester.  He’s younger than Dean.  In lawyer things,” he waved his hand dismissively and Harvey knew better than to bristle.  “You’re equal.  You’ve got a lot of experience but Winchester cut his lawyer teeth in the SGC legal maze and his combat teeth earlier on creatures almost as scary.  So here’s how it’s going to work: you two will work out the best method for getting results in the law stuff, but as soon as a situation gets dicey Winchester’s in charge.  Capice?”

Harvey thought about it.  He didn’t judge anyone based on their youth, but their efficacy.  “Can I meet him first?”

“He’s holding down the fort while we make this trip.”  A smirk here, “and probably going nuts.  He doesn’t have time for a video conference until we return.  With or without you.”

Jack didn’t wait for Harvey to concede.  “Three.  All SG leaks come through me.  You disclose something I don’t approve and you’ll be lucky to see Earth’s blue seas ever again.”

“Who does your dirty work?”

“I do my own dirty work.  The Winchester boys take more than their share.  Mike’s as clean as a lawyer can be.”

“I want to do my own dirty work.”

Jack grinned like a shark.  “Our dirty work tends to be punctuated by a bullet.  Your range scores aren’t high enough.  Hammer’s a good teacher though, listen to him.”

Considering the circuitous route Harvey had taken to get private lessons from the expert marksman, he was impressed that Jack knew about it.

“What is our – your job?  Are you a spy?”

“I’m whatever my people need me to be.  Our job is to close situations that can’t be closed militarily or scientifically.  We do it with words or rituals or explosions.  Whatever is needed to get the job done.”  Jack looked Harvey up and down.  “You in?”

Harvey offered his own predator’s smile.  “I’m waiting on my job offer.”

Jack tipped his head toward the tablet in Harvey’s hands.  “It should be on there.”

Harvey settled at his kitchen table to read and knew that right across the room, Jack – still no legal last name given – was reading the most secret reports in the land, possibly the planet. Those would be his soon.


Learning How to Stitch Together, Harvey Snippet


Mike looked surprised to see Harvey at his appointment with Rene.  Harvey resisted the urge to roll his eyes.  Of course he was going to be here.  Fine clothes and Atlantis secrets?  Only Jack, his soon to be boss, would be able to order him away.

And apparently, Jack had guessed his involvement, because at the bottom of the pile of  non-disclosure forms pre-filled for Rene’s employees was one with Harvey’s name on it.  Harvey had already signed one and the verbiage was similar enough to skim.  He was the first one to sign.  Well, Rene had tried to sign it without reading it and both Mike and Harvey had yelled at him.  Rene still didn’t read his; he simply passed his contract to Harvey to read.  Once Harvey was confident that the tailor understood that he couldn’t tell anyone outside of the certain people in the SGC anything that was revealed during the appointment (Rene had been insulted that anyone would think that he would betray the confidence of his clients), Harvey let him sign.

Then Mike grinned at the men and finally opened the huge, heavy bag on Rene’s cutting table.  He revealed plain black fabric.   Anti-climactic.  Harvey was disappointed, then Rene touched the fabric and it shimmered.

“It’s nano-fabric,” Mike told them gleefully.  “No scissors for this.”  He revealed a stylus and computer tablet with a flourish.  “Say you want to cut it?”  He pressed a button on the stylus and swiped it across the corner.  The scrap of material fell to the table.  “Or want a different color?”  He used the tablet and the bulk of the material turned a blinding white.  “Oops.”  The bulk returned to its previous color and the scrap turned… red.  “Now you want to reattach it.”  He pressed a different button on the stylus and swiped it over the material that had been resting on top of the other.  “Do we want a seam? No.  Do we want a line dividing the two colors or a gradient?  Gradient, of course.  How much?  Or should we turn it into pinstripes.”  Now Mike looked stumped and Rene looked like he was going to rip the stylus and tablet out of his hands.  Rene’s fingers were actually flexing with desire.

Harvey removed the tablet and stylus and handed them to Rene to keep the peace.  Rene muttered in French and Mike grinned.  “It’s bulletproof when he’s done and other things proof too that I’ll tell you in a secure location.  Rene?  Rene!”

The tailor finally ripped his gaze away from his new toy to look at the giver.  “Merci,” he muttered.

“I need you to create two suits each for me and Dean and Jack and Sam.  All of our measurements are on the tablet.  When you’re happy with your creations, Dean, Jack and I will come in for fittings.  Sam can’t, so get as close and you can and we’ll fudge it on Atlantis.  These will be are uniforms off-planet, since we aren’t supposed to be in BDU’s when representing our planet but we still need to be protected and identifiable.  So make the first set similar enough that an untrained eye would be able to connect the dots… and second set must be completely different if we need to play a different game.”

“What about me?” Harvey complained.

“Have you signed on yet?” Mike countered.

No, but it was close.  He was incredibly tempted to sign his work contract then and there and order one of the suits for himself.  He needed a distraction.  “I assume the SGC has filed this patent.”

Yes. We’re expecting the fabric to pay some of our expenses after our department has beta-tested the uniforms.  Every paranoid rich man is going to want one.”

Rene’s contract taken in that context meant… “Did you just make Rene the exclusive designer of the material?”

Mike bounced on his toes.  “Yep.”

Rene looked pleased and awed.  He would be set for life once news hit the market.

“Pretty soon, I bet Rene won’t have a single scrap of mundane cloth in the place,” Mike suggested.  “You don’t have a safe big enough and secure enough for me to leave the fabric behind, so I have to take it with me.  You can have the tablet overnight, but of course you can’t show anyone.  How soon can you have the first set of uniforms done?”

“I will know tomorrow and clear my schedule accordingly.  I will have a new safe shortly,” Rene promised.  “How soon will I have the fabric in my possession tomorrow?”

“I can’t deliver it until the day after tomorrow.  I could probably have it delivered by a Marine, but that Marine will standing guard the whole time.”

“Acceptable.  Seven demain?

“Seven, but be forewarned, to a Marine, fifteen minutes early is the same as on time.  You do not want to annoy the Marine so you best have someone ready to open the door for…” Mike checked his phone for messages.  “Looks like you’re getting Pacosky.”

“Not Winchester?” Harvey asked.

Mike shook his head.  “No.  Dean is running all over creation gathering up his special materials.”

“Who’s Pacosky?” Harvey needed to know.  “O’Connell didn’t mention him.”

“He’s not strictly part of our department, but Dean pulls him in often when he needs a second pair of hands.  He has his own table and chair in Dean’s office, but no office of his own.”

Harvey decided that he should make friends with Pacosky.  He would stop by Rene’s on his way to work tomorrow with a coffee for the Marine.

If he took O’Connell up on his offer –who was he kidding?  When he took O’Connell up on his offer, Harvey wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible.



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Oct. 4th, 2013 01:06 am (UTC)
*giggles* I love how you pulled Rene into lhtf 'verse! XDD And eager!Harvey is awesomely adorable.
Oct. 4th, 2013 09:16 pm (UTC)
I have a soft spot for ppl like Rene (No capes!)
Oct. 4th, 2013 02:16 pm (UTC)
Rene will be walking on clouds, that kind of capabilities would be a tailor's dream!
Oct. 4th, 2013 09:17 pm (UTC)
forget Rene! I want that! No sewing.
Oct. 4th, 2013 05:51 pm (UTC)
Well, nice to see what is going on and that Dean and Sam end up working together, especially with a new division... the part about the dirty work was fabulous!

- x-

Oh very nice to add Rene and the need for some special suits for them, hopefully for Jack and Dean's comfort they will be more like uniforms than suits strictly speaking.

Also, I am very glad that Sam gets due recognition for having spent so much time in the SGC to be on par with Harvey.

Also the mention of Pacosky was awesome, I really liked his character and it is nice to see that he is still getting pulled into Winchester messes...

hopefully Ash has been kept busy with some computer work there
Oct. 4th, 2013 09:30 pm (UTC)
anyone who's watched sg1/sga knows that sometimes you have to play dirty.

now you've got me thinking about their uniforms exactly, hmmm.
Harvey vs Sam is civilian vs military/many worlds court. Harvey has more years but Sam knows the players.
Pacosky is a fav OC.

and I'd completely forgot about Ash, now plans are popping up.
Oct. 4th, 2013 09:43 pm (UTC)
Oh I love teasing with comments that result in bunnies
also very interesting to know ;)

Pacosky is love, he has been dealing with Dean a long time!

great to know you have plans for Ash, he deserves plans or he gets into too much trouble!
Oct. 4th, 2013 09:45 pm (UTC)
Oh I love teasing with comments that result in bunnies
also very interesting to know ;)

Pacosky is love, he has been dealing with Dean a long time!

great to know you have plans for Ash, he deserves plans or he gets into too much trouble!

this is making me want some Sulfur stories involving Dr.Badass,
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