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Fic: Hedgehog Food Chain & Rough Road

Hedgehog Food Chain
By PaBurke
Summary/Challenge: Dean went to Hell and was hauled out of Perdition only to be turned into a 4/5-year-old version of himself.  This complicates the plans of both Heaven and Hell.
Reminder: Sam.  Is.  An.  Addict.
Disclaimer: So not mine
Rating: teen-ish, language!


Sam was furious.  That Castiel creature had killed Ruby.  It hadn’t given Ruby a chance to defend herself, no warning; it had simply appeared behind her and put a glowing sword through her middle and calmly watched her disintegrate.  Like she was guilty for simply existing.  Ruby had never killed anything that didn’t need killing in Sam’s presence.  The demon was a liar, but one that Sam could control.  Not to mention the sex and blood that she supplied.  The sex, Sam could forgo, but he needed a blood source and quick.  He would need all the power and tricks he could gather to defeat the Castiel creature.

The creature must have decided that Ruby supplied too much information that contradicted it.  It had killed Ruby far away from any other witnesses, obviously hiding its true intentions from Sam’s family.  It could be the source of all of Bobby and Dean’s misinformation.  Sam was the only one that saw clearly.

Sam needed to kill Castiel.  All his problems would be solved.  How would he accomplish it?  That was the problem.  First, he needed power and to get power, he needed blood.  Second, he needed information on Castiel.  Sam knew where he could get both.

He summoned the demon, Alastair, by name.  From pillow talk, Sam knew he was one of Ruby’s bosses.  Thankfully Alastair was willing to make a deal.  The demon even gave Sam a couple drops of blood to prove that the affect was similar and that he was dealing in good faith.  It turned out that Alastair’s blood gave Sam more power than Ruby’s ever did.  The strength was heady.  Sam could handle anything with Alastair’s blood.

Alastair and Sam negotiated for well over an hour.  The demon wanted Dean and of course, Sam said no.  Curiously, Alastair wasn’t interested in Sam.  The human was so angry with the situation that he offered the lying little crap that was Dean’s friend.  Dean wouldn’t miss him and he was obviously a bad influence.  In order for the kid to be delivered to Alastair, Sam would have to kill him according to a disgusting ritual, but for Dean, Sam would do anything.

After the agreement was set, the rest was easy.  Alastair, as it turned out, was a gossip.  He delighted to tell about the disobedient angels attempting to start the war between Heaven and Hell earlier than scheduled.  (“The whiny little bitches finally doing something interesting.”)  He knew why the angels were protecting Dean.  (“Big Bro’s going to be a meat suit for a feathers, specifically Michael.  If you think demons do damage to a human body, you should see what an archangel will do.”)  He didn’t know why Dean wasn’t already being ridden.  He did know how to kill Castiel.  (“The demon killing knife should do the trick.  We aren’t that far removed from each other.”)  Alastair to see Sam kill Castiel, so he would ride with Sam in the Impala to Bobby’s house and pick up the kid there.  Sam wasn’t sure how he was going to separate Dean’s little friend from the pack, but… details.  The important goal was killing Castiel and getting Dean back.  Nothing was going to stop Sam.

Alastair gave Sam a cup of blood for the road and Sam barely remembered the trip, he was enjoying the boost so much.  All too soon (and not soon enough) Sam pulled into the drive of Singer’s Garage.  The two ‘visitors’ didn’t attempt to cross the invisible line between them and the house.  They didn’t need to, Dean ran out to meet Sam but when he saw Alastair, he let out a blood-curling scream.  Suddenly, Castiel was right there to gather Dean in his arms.  The angel glared at Sam.  “You brought Dean’s tormentor out of hell and to this safe haven.  You are beyond redemption.”

“What?” Sam was stunned. His world was turned upside down.  “No.  You’re wrong.  Alastair…”

Was talking… “Such beautiful screams.  As gorgeous as I remember.  You can’t imagine, Sammy Boy.  He was so close to breaking.  I almost broke him on my rack.  I will break him next time.”

Sam’s hand tightened on the demon-killing knife and Alastair noticed.  He laughed, laughed at Sam.  “You kill me, Sammy Boy and no other demon will deal with you.  What are you going to do without a supply of blood?  You’ll whither up and die.” 

Sam didn’t care.  This demon had hurt his brother.  Sam gathered up every scrap of power and will and pushed at the demon.  He had exorcised many demons, he could do this one too.

Alastair laughed at him, full belly laughs of someone who has seen the greatest prat-fall of history.  “Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.  Do you really think that you can eject me from this plane by the power of my own blood?  Where’s the logic in that?  I thought you were the smart Winchester.”

“I’ve done it before,” Sam growled.  He had.  He steeled his will.  He could do this.

Alastair scoffed.  “Smoke and mirrors, leading you down this merry path.  Being exorcized by you is a bragging right down below.  Who had the best dying scene?  They competed for dramatics.  Now kill the angel so that I can take the boy.  Finish the contract and I’ll give you all the blood you ever could want.  All that power at your fingertips for all time, eternity.”

For the first time in months, Sam didn’t hear the promise of power and control.  He slammed into Alastair and tried to stab him with the knife.  Alastair stayed just out of reach of the knife and rolled them over.  He slammed Sam’s head against the ground.  Once, twice.  Sam was losing and losing fast.  The only reason the fight hadn’t ended was because Alastair liked playing with this victims.  Maybe he wanted Sam to grovel.

Grovel.  Sam wouldn’t grovel to the demon that had tortured Dean but it gave him an idea.  Sam changed tactics.  “Kill us both,” Sam begged the angel who had been observing emotionlessly.  “Protect Dean.”

“I will,” the angel promised with a burst of white light.


Hedgehog Rough Road
By PaBurke
Summary/Challenge: Dean went to Hell and was hauled out of Perdition only to be turned into a 4/5-year-old version of himself.  This complicates the plans of both Heaven and Hell.
Reminder: Sam.  Is.  An.  Addict.  Going.  Through.  Withdrawal.
Disclaimer: So not mine
Rating: teen-ish, language, recovering from any addiction is ugly, mention of suicide


Sam woke up.  He hadn’t expected that.  He turned his head and jerked back.  The angel was right there examining him and perhaps even his soul.  No concept of personal space.  The angel nodded slowly.  “Your choice was made, Samuel Winchester, but the path is difficult.  You will remain here until the blood is purged from your physical vessel.”

The angel disappeared, leaving Sam locked in an unfamiliar, sound proof room just as the sweats, the shakes, the nausea and the pain overtook his body.

Breaking the addiction that Sam was just now admitting was going to be a bitch.


Sam floated in and out of consciousness.  He was in pain and lashing out.  Bobby was often there forcing food or drink into him and washing bodily fluids off his body.  Sam vomited more times than he could count.  Sam knew that he threw the older man against the wall several times with the mere strength of his mind.  He knew that he said truly hurtful and cruel things to the long-time family friend. 

Bobby never retaliated though and the shame spurred Sam to new lows.  He destroyed everything in the locked room and fell into oblivion.


When he awoke, the broken bits of furniture were removed from his presence.  He was naked but clean.  Why bother clothe him if he was just going to destroy it and piss on himself.  The torn mattress was replaced with pillows and blankets, clean once again. 

Under Sam’s chin was tucked a stuffed hedgehog.

Sam ripped the pillows and the blankets to shreds with a thought, but the stuffed animal… he’d throw it in the corner, he’d hide it under the destruction but he couldn’t dismember it.  It’d be so easy to pull a thread and unravel it all, but he couldn’t.  He could have done it with his mind, easily, but at the same time, he couldn’t.

He couldn’t and he didn’t know why.


Bobby cleaned the room –and Sam- when the recovering addict was unconscious again.  More pillows and blankets were given and they met the same fate as those before.  Sam was sure that the hedgehog would have disappeared with the mess, but once again it was tucked under Sam’s chin.

Sam threw it against the wall as hard as he could and didn’t go looking for it when it landed out of sight.


Food and water were left out for him.  Sam tried to eat it, he really did but it was not. what. he. wanted.  It was bland and tasteless.  It didn’t give him strength.  Power.  He threw the food against a wall.  (Not the same wall as the hedgehog and he didn’t think why that might be.)  It didn’t stay in his stomach.  He vomited it most of it, but not all.

Sam destroyed the pillows and the blankets and made a fair attempt at the walls.  He got further than he had expected before the drywall started to burn his fingertips like acid.


Life was on repeat.  It was similar to the trickster killing Dean time and time again. It was hell.

Wake up to a clean room and food.

Find that damn, stupid stuffed animal and not do anything to it.

Destroy room.  Try to eat the food.  Get pissed.  Vomit.

Collapse in exhaustion and pain.

Rinse.  Repeat.


Rinse.  Repeat.


He awoke one day –he had no idea how many days it had been- and the soup on the floor by his blankets actually smelled appetizing.  He ate it.  He didn’t enjoy it and it still didn’t give him what he wanted but it wasn’t horrible.  He didn’t throw it up either.

It gave him the energy to destroy more of the room before collapsing on the rags that used to be blankets.


Sam was starting to recover enough to recognize that he was having bad days and good days.  The bad days were frustration and anger and no distinct thoughts.  The good days would quickly turn bad as the memories filtered through of what he had done ‘under the influence.’

He had wanted to put a demon in a child.

A child!

Or worse, he had offered up an innocent child for power.

Sam vomited as he realized that he would have been ritualistically stripping the child of his innocence in order for him to end in hell.

He gathered up the rags from the blankets.  If he tied them together and then to the doorknob, he’d probably be able to strangle himself, a make-shift hanging for the condemned.  He was guilty.

He was damned.

He tripped over that annoying, obnoxious, stupid hedgehog.  He picked it up, held it close and wailed like a baby.



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Jul. 20th, 2013 03:43 am (UTC)
This AU hurts in the best way ever.
Jul. 20th, 2013 11:14 am (UTC)
awww, thanks
Oct. 7th, 2013 06:50 am (UTC)
Wow this part is just so painful. Poor Sam. I can only imagine how Dean is handling it all. I was sososo angry with Sam for the choices he was making with Ruby and I am glad that he is finally able to see somewhat clearly now.

I am just hoping for my happy brother reunion. ^__^

Edited at 2013-10-07 06:51 am (UTC)
Oct. 12th, 2013 04:46 pm (UTC)
The brother reunion will happen, don't know how happy it will be though.
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