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Fic: The Day Belongs to the Dogs

The Day Belongs to the Dogs
By PaBurke
Fandoms: Dresden/White Collar
Summary/Beta Prompt 11-05:Sachamo and Mouse save the day

Master was talking to Mouse again.  Very little of the words meant anything.  Master had brought Mouse through the Bad Place to a city not Home.  These were not the sights, scents and sounds with which Mouse was familiar.  Mouse knew that they were chasing Evil.

Master tripped over another man and said more meaningless words to him.  Master was big but didn’t use his eyes much and his nose almost never.  He was clumsy when not directly in the chase for Evil.

“Remember that pack, Mouse.”

Mouse turned his head to catch the man’s scent.  He smelled of a woman, a dog and another man.  A small pack.  Mouse smelled love, humor, stress and family.  A good pack.  Mouse would remember the pack because Master had ordered it.

Master took Mouse back to the noisy room with the horrible smells and left him there.  Mouse waited and then waited.  Something was Bad.  Master needed Mouse right now.  Mouse headbutted the window in the bathroom until it broke and then climbed through it.  He trotted through the city, avoiding being seen until he found the smelly place where Master was trapped.  He was trapped with the man Master had tripped over before and the other man in his pack.  Mouse barked and Master yelled back.  He told Mouse to find the beta-man’s hat and to use it to retrieve the rest of the pack.  Mouse could hear someone arguing with Master, but that didn’t matter.  Mouse had his command.  The hat tasted funny but sometimes humans added chemicals to their person as a part of their mating dance.

Mouse ran even faster than before.  Master sounded hurt –again.

He ran through the streets until he found the pack’s female alpha.  She was out walking her dog –male and omega.  Mouse barked once and the female alpha nearly fell over.  His bark did that to some people.  Mouse shook the hat at her and knew that she recognized it.  He took two steps back and waited for her.  The omega understood Mouse and knew that his Master was in danger.  The omega pulled the female towards Mouse.  The alpha female was smart.  She knew what Mouse and her dog wanted from her.  Mouse watched her make the decision.  She followed Mouse.  She did have her phone on and was talking to someone, but she followed and that was the important part.  Mouse tried to keep a steady pace that wasn’t too fast for the female.

A car stretched to a stop and Mouse stood in front of the pack remnants and growled at the newcomers.   A male and a female beta climbed out of the car.  The female tried to grab the hat, but Mouse wouldn’t let her.  The female alpha was trying to tell Mouse something, but she was using human words.  Mouse decided that these two must be loosely associated with the pack.  Mouse danced backwards and barked again, without losing the hat.  He waited until the pack was following him.  It took the humans entirely too long to make the decision.  The pack’s dog was wiser than they, he pulled toward Mouse and made the decision for them.

This time, nothing slowed them down as Mouse led the Pack to Master.  The Pack talked through their alpha through the locked door.  Mouse laid in the shade as he waited for Master to be released.  He was keeping watch.  The Pack’s dog came and laid at his side.

Soon the Master was released.  He was hurt but he limped directly to Mouse.  “Good Dog,” he said.

Mouse wagged his tail.  He knew that.