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10 Families Steve Rogers Drew, Parkers
Cross: Spiderman

Steve had found the out of the way alcove in the midst of a busy farmers’ market.  He liked seeing all the different walks of life intermingling.  The rich and yuppy buyers were trying not to be obvious about being seen but not truly associate with the sun worn farmers trying to make a living.  In between were the transplanted singles hoping for a taste of home and the mothers trying to get the best price and to herd their children.  If Steve loved New York for all the people coexisting, he loved the farmers’ market as a slice of how it used to be.  He could hear the different accents haggling, gossiping and making new friends.

And in some cases, catching up with family.

“Aunt May, there you are,” Steve saw a young man catch up and chide a much older woman.  He gathered up all of the woman’s bags, refusing to let her carry a single one.  “I was only twenty minutes late.  You could have waited.”

“Not if I wanted the best of the produce,” Aunt May retorted.  “I couldn’t guarantee you arriving any time this morning so I might have well have started.”

The boy –no, he really was a young man- ducked his head. “I’m sorry?”

Without consciously making the choice, Steve’s hand started sketching the scene before him: the busy marketplace, the two family members an island in the middle.  The love in the woman’s face, even as she scolded him in return.The love and apology in the boy-turned-man’s face.  He was on the cusp of adulthood.  He had the shoulders of a soldier but the hair of someone who didn’t care enough to keep it trimmed and out of his eyes.

Aunt May brushed the boy’s hair out of his eyes. “I’m giving you a haircut tonight.”

“Thanks, Aunt May.”

The woman turned her back.  “I saw some people coming from the west gate with early apples.  I’m going to bake you a pie too.  You’re much too thin, Peter.”

Steve had glanced down to make sure that the moment was captured before his subjects were lost to the crowd.  Decent.  He could fill in the details later in his room.  He looked up and locked eyes with the young man.  Steve was startled.  No one else had noticed him here but somehow Peter had felt someone one staring at him.  The boy was most certainly a man now.  He stood between his aunt and Steve protectively.  Then he realized that Steve was just an artist (at least he was at this moment).  His defiant expression changed abruptly to abashed.  Peter was as embarrassed as if Steve had caught him in Tony’s porn collection instead of being observant and protective.

Steve blinked again at the whiplash emotions.  People were complicated, Steve knew this, but Peter was more complicated than most.  Steve had no idea how the revelation would affect the final drawing, but Steve was curious to include it all.