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Fic: when they come for you? Bad Boys

when they come for you?  Bad Boys
by paburke
Summary: Jamie is now experienced enough to be training a new officer, Noah Puckerman
Spoilers: Future Blue Bloods, Future AU for Glee
Pairing: Puckleberry


“Noah Puckerman, meet your training officer, James Regan.”

Jamie’s first thought when Sargent Renzulli introduced them (after Dear God, please don’t let me screw up my first trainee) was that his newbie partner had a decidedly Biblical name.

“Jamie,” he offered his nickname to the younger man.

“Puck,” the freshly graduated officer responded in kind.

Jamie took in the buzz cut, the muscles and the general attitude that matched most criminals Jamie had arrested.  “So how long do I have him before Vice or Undercover steals him?”

“Got a girl,” Puck told him.  “Gotta try to be home every day.”


Jamie studiously didn’t look at his trainee.  He would burst into uncontrollable and undignified giggles if he did.  These kinds of inside jokes rarely happened so early in the partnership.

“How are we going to put it into the report?” Puck worried.

“Leave that to me,” Jamie reassured him.  All of his work at Harvard leant an ease at twisting words so that they were both accurate and misleading.

“Sooo,” Puck drawled, going there.  “Decent pitch.”

“Altar boy.”

“Didn’t know those still existed.”


“Glee Club.”

“Thought those only existed in movies.”

Puck chortled with laughter and Jamie joined him.


Things were going too smoothly in the morning review.  Renzulli was never this concise.  Puck was picking up on Jamie’s unease and tensing with every passing minute.  The review was wrapping up and Jamie was hoping to get out intact.

“Finally,” Renzulli announced, “A beautiful, melodic example of how a patrol officer can defuse a situation.”

Puck muttered a word, unfamiliar but emphatic.  Jamie agreed with him as Renzulli directed everyone’s attention to the screen where a video, phone-recorded quality, played. The audio kicked in all heard Puck and Jamie’s duet, a rendition of ‘Stop in the Name of Love.’


“You want the good news or the bad news,” Jamie offered Puck the next morning in exchange for the coffee.

Puck sighed.  “The bad.”

“The department is not going to pull the video because it’s such good press.  NYADA is insisting that we answer all calls at their campus from here on out.”

“Is there any good news?” Puck asked doubtfully.

“Undercover won’t touch you now because your face is becoming so well known.”

Puck brightened instantly and Jamie knew that the captain in charge of the undercover officers had been pressuring him.  Puck had no desire for that life.


“You don’t sound like New York,” Jamie ventured one day.  He knew that the precinct hired locals preferentially.  The less time a police officer needed to learn the beat, the more time he could spend on catching criminals.

“Nope.  I’m from a city in Ohio that you’ve never heard of.  It’s still not the boonies.”

Jamie knew that Puck had been catching flak for being born in the Mid-West.  “Why New York?”

“Followed Rachel here.  She had a dream.  I did odd jobs until I got accepted into the Police Academy.”

“Regret it?”

“I regret nothing I do for Rach.”


Jamie knew Puck had a girl.  Hell, the whole department knew.  Puck talked about Rachel like Danny talked about his wife.  Jamie thought that as long as Puck’s girl understood what it meant to be a cop, the relationship would last.  Puck wouldn’t screw around on his end.

Still, Jamie was surprised by the tiny brunette Puck kissed gently as he leaned against their patrol car.  He touched her like she was the most precious thing in his life.

Jamie checked his watch.  The catcalls would start up soon.

“Hi Rachel,” Jamie said loudly.  “I’m Jamie Reagan, Puck’s training officer.”