Series Masterpost

This in no way will include every story I've written on this lj.  If you're looking for something that faithdaria and I wrote together, check her stickypost.  I'm just trying to put certain series *cough*LHTF*cough* together in order, since some things were written and posted non-chronologically.

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Need: SPN Beta, please. Anyone out there?

So I've been writing spn and faithdaria is not interested anymore. What I need right now is someone to go though the 22000+ words of Hedgehog Rescue so that I can post on AO3 along with a 2000? word outside pov of Criminal Minds. I do pretty good with plot and characters but miss the occasional 'me' that really should be 'my.' etc, etc. I am ridiculously annoyed when I catch it after it's posted.

Also the 36000 words of Spirit Animal Tales so that I can post on A03 with the Bucky chapters as a linked but different story. (I prefer the reviewers on but the posting advantage is all over on AO3).

I can go months without writing a thing and then write 10000 words a week.

Any takers?

Fic that were Prompted by You!

(everything is linked to this time)

Chapter 3 of Who's the Boogieman Now? for selkieashore123

An unexpected snippet to Families Steve Rogers Drew, Reagans for bugeyedmonster

As Good as a Rest For shamangrrl
(set after the Season 3 finale of PoI)

Part 16 of FBI, SULFUR Division Nathan Wuornos, Prospective Recruit
For nyx_girl
Crossover with HAVEN (and my own idea of what’s really going on, about to be Jossed)

Spirit Animal Tales, now including Bucky from Captain America; Winter Soldier
For crimsontoad

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dresden files

Halloween Fic Ideas?

It's been a rough late summer/fall, but I'm recovered from most everything and trying to bump my muse back into shape, so if you have an SHORT prompt gimme.

Standard criteria: 2x(two 'verses and a word)


Another 10K!

There is no way this streak can continue, but for now...

Grimm (TV), Criminal Minds Ink of Seshat, new chapter

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Leverage The Squib Job: “Let’s go steal your past.” The first half, so only one more post to it. Also on

Sentinel, Supernatural Spirit Animal Tales, two new chapters

Fic Updates! 10k words in a Week!

I'm feeling very accomplished so let's get to the fun stuff...

Star Trek, Firefly, Iron Man (Movies), Batman - All Media Types, Supernatural, The Pretender, Leverage, Criminal Minds, Stargate SG-1, Sherlock (TV): Vulcan Science Academy Applicants (Admittance REFUSED) A series of drabbles starring the 3 stuck-up Vulcans from the Vulcan Science Academy. Summary: No human has ever met all of the standards to attend the Vulcan Science Academy. The Review Board refused the following applications for a variety of reasons:

Grimm (TV), Criminal Minds Ink of Seshat new chapter

Sentinel, Supernatural Spirit Animal Tales a couple new chapters

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Captain America Enemy of My Enemy a sequel to Friend of a Friend.

Hawaii Five-0 Black-Edged Living, Danno is dead. The rest of them try to live. ANGST!

Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer A Good Deal More, Garcia knows internet friends are the best, but Melinda Gordon exceeded all expectations.
ranger's apprentice

Fic Updates!

I actually updated a couple of weeks ago too, but lj wouldn't let me post so I couldn't list. As a result, this will be twice as long.

Ranger's Apprentice & Brave, Bolts of a Quiver: Princess Cassandra is sent Picta to negotiate a treaty. Will is her Ranger protector.

Leverage & Hogan's Heroes, There's One in Every Generation: The Leverage Team talking about relatives serving in WWII. Plus a stealth crossover.

White Collar & X-Men: First Class (2011), More Than Lucky, Less Than a Gamble new chapter (ao3), (

Supernatural & The Sentinel, Spirit Animal Tales several new chapters.

NCIS & SG1/SGA, SG Team Gibbs, new chapter. (ao3) (

Joan of Arcadia & Grimm (TV), Lunch Meetings: Joan’s Assignment: Take that homeless man out to lunch, at the vegetarian restaurant. He had lost his best friend, Nick, and everyone else he held dear in one act of violence. Listen to him.

Grimm (TV) & Criminal Minds, New chapters to Ink of Seshat

Castle & The Avengers (Marvel Movies), New addition to RogersVerse: Kate thought she had met all of Richard's family.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith + RED, The Many Smiths in the Phonebook, There was once a MI-6 spy impregnated by a KGB spy and she gave the baby girl to a CIA spy to hide so that she could grow up and have a normal life. Life has a way of not following one's plans., I think that's all of them, maybe?